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Fly Girl Racing Suit – Winter Wear Designs

I’m so excited that I was able to help test this pattern from Winter Wear Designs! I’ve never worked with this designer before, so it was really great to try out. The pattern is something that everyone needs – a swimsuit! The Fly Girl Racing Suit, to be exact.

I love that it’s such a classic swim suit style, but it has a fun twist to it. There are two different back views you can make with it:

View A – Racing Back
View B – Fly Back

The Fly Back is definitely a little more advanced of an option, but don’t be intimidated by it! Just go slow, and you’ll love the end results. I was a little more rushed when I was doing that one (because I had the worst sewing week of my life – everything was more difficult than it should have been!) so mine turned out a bit uneven, but it’s a super easy fix. I really love the Racing Back style though, because the straps are so secure, and I can use it for a gymnastics leotard, too!

My favorite part about this suit is the circular opening, because it’s just so darn cute! It looks really sophisticated, but it was so easy to do. The hardest part of making this suit was working with elastic, but you’ll get that with any swim suit. With a little practice, it won’t seem so bad! I had made one swim suit and one leotard before embarking on this test, so I still felt fairly uncertain when it came to working with elastic. By the time I was done with these, I felt like a pro!

The first version I made was the fly back in a size 4. That ended up being a little bit big on her, but I had made a mistake in measuring her. The size chart was spot on, I wish I would have done the 3 right away! I used two colors of high quality swim knit from a Vinegar & Honey Co. Flate Rate Friday Box. I also used a swim lining on the inside.

My second version in the Racing Back was a size 3, and much better! I used more fabric from Vinegar & Honey Co. However, for the lining, I used a thinner swim knit. I much preferred that – it was easier to work with by far, and the swim knit for lining was thin enough that it didn’t make the suit any tighter when it was wet.

Side note: can we just talk for a second about how my daughter thinks she’s a model since I started pattern testing and taking a lot of photos? She’s all about posing! I love it, because I’ve been getting so many great shots. I mean seriously, look at this adorable photo of her and her daddy!

For real, cuteness overload! Anywho, back to the pattern… We walked on the wild side for these photos and went diaper-less. (No, I don’t want to talk about the fact that my 3 year old is nowhere near potty trained…sigh…) You can see that the suit provides great coverage, but it works great with diapers too! Some store bought swimsuits that we have let the whole diaper hang out, but look at how great this covers:

The Fly Girl Racing Suit is available as a PDF pattern for $7.95. (Currently on sale for $6!)

  • Sizes: Girls 1 – 14
  • Sewing Level: Advanced Beginner – Intermediate (depending on back style chosen)
  • Open back style and full rear coverage
  • 2 back styles: fly back and racing back
  • Can be used for either a swim suit or a leotard
  • Includes free matching doll pattern!
  • Use with knits (a swim knit, performance knit, cotton lycra, etc.)
  • Layered sizing, so you can print only the size you need

Have you tried the Fly Girl Racing Suit? Tell me about it, and show me how it turned out!


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